The difference between a Messenger Bot and a Facebook Chatbot is the ability to operate it using only the front page. This is a considerable advantage.

A Messenger Bot is not web-based. The chat is done over the desktop or laptops. There is no web-based front page in Messenger Bots.

To be able to present the information to a web page, an API Key and Profile Description must be provided. The API Key is used by Facebook to obtain your profile picture. Your profile description is for identifying yourself and showing other friends the kind of content you publish. Both of these are necessary for the web page that the Facebook Messenger Bot will present.

However, most of the Bots and applications that we use are nothing more than a Chrome extension. They have no web page that could provide the required information.

Chatbots are quite a rare breed; they are usually created by individuals who are not designers. The web pages that are created by these Bots usually have very limited functionality.

Chatbots that can operate across several platforms are pretty much unheard of. Even some applications that use the Android platform are restricted to only Android, as they only interact with the Google Android mobile operating system.

You can set up a Messenger Bot that works across Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, VKontakte, E-Mail, and many other Web 2.0 applications. In fact, the Facebook Messenger Bot application can provide functionality that can help you get into chat with friends across different applications!

Chatbots on the web make it possible to focus all your efforts and time on the users of your application rather than spending it on building a separate web site. The process of developing a Facebook Chatbot takes much less time. And there are many different platforms, which can work as a Facebook Chatbot or other platforms.

Today, there are so many Web 2.0 technologies available on the Web that are based on the HTML standard. And one application that is used for accessing the iPhone is the Facebook app. All the applications that are based on these technologies are compatible with these technologies as well.

Chatbots can be created to run across a number of platforms. This way the user has access to a chat application or web application in various forms.

If you are using a messenger application for chatting with friends and colleagues, you can have a Facebook Chatbot that can handle these messages and then forward them to your friends' phones. There are many other applications which can be used for chatbots on the Web, such as Skype and MySpace Messenger.

With the Internet on the rise, and a number of Web 2.0 applications getting the green light, the potential for Chatbots on the Web is very exciting. It has the potential to revolutionize the way people do business in the future.