Sooner or later, all knives must be sharpened, even expensive knives become dull over time. Using a dull knife is not only annoying but also dangerous for you. Dull blades require extra strength and may fall off the product instead of cutting it, increasing the risk of cutting yourself. Sharp blades glide more easily, making it easier to control the blade and leaving less opportunity to cut. That's why you need to sharpen your knife.

Modern electric knife sharpener is easy to use, requiring little more than the insertion of the blade to be sharpened into a couple of designated "V" shaped slots usually in two or three stages. Slots have built-in precision angle guides to eliminate any guesswork. Usually, there are two stages of sharpening and one stage of polishing/pickling.

Most of your knives in your home or restaurant can be sharpened with an electric sharpener such as knives for hunting, crafting, butchering, fishing, and of course kitchen knives. The electric sharpeners typically feature dual blades and often incorporate industrial diamonds that are used in the sharpening process.

Electric knife sharpeners can make a knife new again, and sometimes even better than new. An older or cheaper quality knife can be given a second life if sharpened with an electric sharpener. The benefit of using an electric sharpener is that it doesn't require the skill or dexterity that sharpening hands requires.

Sharpening a knife by hand takes a long time. Electric sharpeners vary by make and model, but some basic techniques are common to all.