What is Clinical Education?

“Clinical Education” refers to programs that provide aspiring professionals with practical, competency-based instruction under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

Goals of Clinical Education

The aim of clinical education is to provide students with a user-friendly experience, knowledge,

practical skills, and make decisions during actual client/patient care. The clinical education program gives students the knowledge and skills that they need to learn in a clinical setting. You can also find various clinical education courses online.

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Example of clinical experience includes individual and team sports, sports requiring protective equipment, patients of the different gnder, non-exercise patient population, and different diseases except orthopedics.

The Importance of Clinical Training

Clinical training is a training course that aims to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for the prevention and treatment of disease for those who wish to become doctors. It also develops suitable methods and targets for investigating the still-unknown factors that cause disease or promote well-being.

Among the goals of medical education is the creation of doctors who are sensitive to the health needs of their country, who can meet those needs, and who are aware of the need to continue their own education. 

While there may be basic elements that are common for all, the details should be different from place to place and also from time to time. Whatever the form of the curriculum, it should ideally be flexible enough to allow for changes as circumstances change, medical knowledge evolves, and changes are required.