The game room is very popular nowadays and a great addition for every home that has enough space to allow someone to put it in it. The best thing about having one is that it is personalized and designed and equipped exactly as you want.

After you decide to have a game room, plan to measure the room and decide what type of theme to base your decoration. Then the main decision that must be made is what to put in your game room and the best tip for this is to think about what you will use regularly, not just appearance. Bubble hockey super chexx table is the most popular item generally found in a games room.

Bubble hockey is played by almost everybody and therefore a surefire success in the popularity stakes with both your friends and family. They can come in many designs from ancient to contemporary or themed to match your games room’s style. 

A full size chexx table would be 12 feet in length but tables can be bought in various lengths to suit the size of your games room with 6 or 7 foot pool tables popular for smaller sized rooms. If you are sporty and like exercise then having a chexx hockey table is great fun.