Looking for a great activity to get more exercise and spend time outdoors? Disc golf, also referred to as frisbee golf, is a great sport for people of all skill levels. The rules are the same as regular golf (or "ball golf") but instead of striking a ball with a club, you throw a plastic disc toward a metal basket.

The first requirement for disc golf is a DISC! You can purchase these at some sporting goods stores or online at any number of retailers. For a beginner, it is possible to learn to play with just one disc! To store the disc you need a bag and you can buy the disc golf bag by clicking on this link.

New Squatch bag! : r/discgolf

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Your next step is to find a course in your community to play. When you get to the course, find a map of the holes if possible, or get a map of the course from the pro shop. You should not feel intimidated by the other golfers; in fact, most people in the disc golf community are very open to new players and expanding the game to as many people as possible. 

Because of this, you should expect the more experienced players to actually offer you tips and positive/constructive criticism as you play. 

Not only is the game great for beginners, but it's also a high-impact activity that most people can enjoy.