In the last few years, the usage of defense contractors to aid operations has been a widely publicized portion of the contemporary U.S. military. 

To cover employee problems invents, the government passed the defense base act in 1941 as a measure to help contractors working to the war effort of the second world war. 

defense base act,

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This piece of legislation has been specially designed to streamline the practice of workers' compensation claims coming from mostly foreign ports.

Unlike the standard stateside employees' compensation systems, the military needs more strict paperwork and procedures for claims filed under the DBA. 

It is essential to first inform a supervisor or superior concerning an injury and then file the appropriate reports and paperwork before any medical care is sought. 

When the office of orkers' compensation programs receives this paperwork, monetary coverage for this medical therapy can be formally provided.

Rather than a compensation schedule application, which is common among companies today, DBA compensation uses a weekly wage system. 

Rather than providing a predetermined amount of money according to the seriousness of an injury, these systems decide compensation in line with the employee's average weekly wage.

The particulars of DBA law can seem confusing to laborers who are used to the rules established by state payment systems. If you would like to learn more about reimbursement as a defense attorney, speak to a workers' compensation attorney.