Much like most clothes found in shops, the typical dress shirt is simply not made for small guys. Most short guys understand that if it matches in the neck, it's going to droop of the shoulders, like overly long over the sleeves. 

This is a result of the simple fact that most off-the-rack clothing is made in a pre-determined set of criteria, usually for guys that are 6' tall 175 pounds. For short guys, this poses a difficulty because the overall dimensions don't hold up as it gets for their dimensions. You can also go for dri-fit shirts. You can buy the best quality custom dri-fit shirts from

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Finding the proper fit in the dress top is the biggest obstacle and here are a few tips to help get it moving:

1. Search for manufacturers offering an athletic cut. For brief guys, it isn't important if you are not athletic, an athletic cut taper will interpret much better to the framework.

2. Search for manufacturers which use nicer cloth. This produces the shirt feel somewhat less voluminous when it's tucked in or whenever you're wearing it under a coat.

3. Search for manufacturers that take "thinner" details. Standard details have a tendency to check oversized on brief guys.

4. Avoid apparel shirts with pockets since they have a tendency to sit far too low on shorter guys. (stays more on the belly compared to the torso).

Discovering the proper dress shirt could be a challenge, but is worth carrying on. Whenever you do find a brand you prefer, stock up to the standard white and blue. Striped patterns are always a fantastic idea for shorter guys but do prevent any flat lines.