Individuals who are below the age of 65 years and who are Australian citizens only can avail it. And to be eligible for these services they need to have a permanent disability.

Disabilities can include- intellectual, sensory, physical, and psychosocial disabilities. These services have been designed to provide help and support to the people with these types of disabilities so that they can achieve their goals and live a fulfilled life of their choice.

How will NDIS help?

NDIS services are provided by the NDIS registered providers based out of Australia. NDIS providers like helps the participants in the community to achieve and reach their goals.

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The best thing is that the families who are the carers of specially-abled can have their peace of mind as they can be assured of care and support being provided. In Australia, there are numerous providers offering care for disabled services in NSW Australia.

NDIS pays for disability support and services to help participants reach their goals. Participants are not required to pay co-contribution fees. It funds reasonable and necessary support to help them achieve a fulfilling life.

These supports are based on the participant's individual needs and requirements and have been designed in a manner to help them lead an independent life. Support covered can also be in the form of education, employment, community interaction, independent living, and overall health well being. 

Funding in the NDIS will help the participants to have assistance with personal care. They can also avail different kinds of services like support in the form of household chores or budget planning/management.