When it comes to frozen yogurt machines, floor models are monsters in the world of frozen sweets. They make about 40 gallons of cool stuff, which can roughly make a table model. 

Stores that do large business typically choose floor models because, although they are more expensive, they compensate for this in terms of efficiency. You can get your hands on a Brullen Escreme FS yogurt machine for better production.

Features Of Frozen Yoghurt Machine

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Anyone who has never purchased this device should know about its various functions. 

These models usually have a compressor that is air or water cooled. In air-cooled engines, hot air is sucked out of the compressor by the fan. 

Another important feature is the number of rods included in the machine. This determines how many flavors can be applied. A typical arrangement includes two bars, one for chocolate and one for vanilla.

However, some floor models have three bars, and a third rod is used to distribute the bend, which is a combination of both. 

Air-cooled engines cost between $ 12,000 and $ 24,000, depending on the equipment. The slim model is ideal for limited space stores and may require high-capacity equipment in the busiest stores. 

Water-cooled engines typically cost between $ 15,000 to $ 24,000, depending on the equipment. The refrigerator can accommodate mixed bags as well as box-to-box packaging.

A frozen yogurt shop that specializes in exotic flavors, many yogurt vending machines are needed. Volume discounts may be available when ordering from the same supplier. 

It is important to have sufficient equipment to meet demand, especially when it is installed. As you stock up on delicious frozen yogurt throughout the day, customers keep coming back to find out more.