The ceramic coating is a layer based on silicon dioxide which chemically bonds to the surface it is applied to. They are the newest car protection product, especially when it comes to painting.

This tough, durable, and hydrophobic car ceramic coating covers the transparent surface of the car and acts as a sacrificial barrier between the element and paint. They effectively reduce the chance of new spinal scars and scrapes and protect the paint from various forms of dirt and damage.

ceramic coating car

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They leave a very smooth paint surface and give the car a new wax for years, not weeks like conventional car wax. The coating can also be applied to wheels, brake calipers, glass, cloth, leather, and plastics to protect them from dirt, brake dust, smudges, spills and wear, and other contaminants.

Prices for all-ceramic coatings we offer include hand washing, multi-level decontamination with paint, single-grade paint to increase shine, and applying a durable coating to all painted surfaces, including door jams, chrome, and plastic trim.

Advantages of ceramic coating

  • No waxing or sealing is required over the life of the coating

  • It is easier to clean and maintain. Less dirt build-up in paint

  • Excellent shine and UV protection, unmatched by conventional waxes

  • Ultra hydrophobic; Water easily and quickly spills with thick pearl

  • When the coating is coated, brake dust and dirt will accumulate on the wheels less

  • High resistance to most bird droppings, chemicals, insect etching, color fading, oxidation, and industrial waste.