CBG or cannabigerol is a chemical compound that, like CBD, belongs to the cannabinoid group.  CBG plays an important role in the synthesis of compounds such as CBD and THC. In short, CBG is what is known as the parent molecule for this cannabinoid. You can also know more about CBG hemp seeds through various online sources.

Cannabigerol is mainly found in young cannabis plants. Most of these compounds were found in plants aged about 1.5 months. Along with the growth phase of the plant, these compounds are converted into CBD and THC under the influence of sunlight. 

This type of cannabinoid is made from CBG and CBGA acids but is acid-free. Mature cannabis plants have low levels of this ingredient, so due to its growing popularity, breeders are trying to create new strains with higher levels of CBG.

Useful properties of CBG

We now have evidence to confirm the beneficial effects of CBG in several diseases and health conditions. Several studies on this active ingredient have shown that it has a positive effect on intestinal inflammation and loss of appetite. The experience of scientists also validates the antibacterial and analgesic effect of CBG. 

However, the most significant research on CBG carried so far shows that this compound helps a progressive eye disease called glaucoma. Of course, we recognize that there needs to be more evidence of the therapeutic use of this compound. However, this shows the potential use of CBG in this chronic disease which can lead to blindness.