Remove excess leaves from the cuttings. Once your cuttings are in the water, use scissors to cut the blades off. This encourages photosynthesis as well as creates a clean environment for cutting roots.

Do it from the middle of the cloned stem. Make sure there are no extra leaves on the underside of the stem which could interfere with the growing environment.

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For hygiene reasons, it is good to keep the growing environment as undisturbed as possible by adding greenery. Also, the manicure will further help your clone absorb nutrients.

Once the root stage has started, consider using growth hormone to promote healthier and faster root growth. Many choices are available. Gels, powders, and other hormonal options are usually available from your local gardening or hydroponic retailer.

If you go this route, all you have to do is let the clone sink quickly before going into its final root environment.

Choice of root media

We believe that the soilless rooting method is the best choice for a rooting environment. As an example,

Rockwool cubes provide favorable conditions for clones to thrive due to their airflow properties and their ability to retain moisture. Rockwool cubes or similar products can be found online or at garden supply stores.

If you decide to take root in the soil, make sure the soil you use is not nutrient-rich. It's also important not to flood the soil or let it submerge before planting your clones.