Photography has become a very popular pastime in recent years, and this trend has continued into parenting. Many parents today have taken photographs of the many milestones of their little ones from the first time they smile and hold their own bottles to wearing glasses for the first time. 

However, with so many new milestones happening every day, it can be difficult for parents to remember when exactly that milestone was. If you want to get the right photo without having to worry about remembering specifics, then here are some tips on creating a top-notch birthday photo. Creating the perfect first birthday portrait nearby can be a challenge, but it is definitely worth it! 

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Here are 9 tips for creating the perfect first birthday photos:

1. planned and organized

2. have fun

3. ask family and friends to help

4. use festive props and decorations

5. have an age-appropriate menu

6. get creative with poses and settings

7. use natural light whenever possible

8. take lots of photos!

9. enjoy the moment!

If you're planning a first birthday party and want to shoot some great photos, consider booking a photoshoot near you. There are lots of great locations in your area that are perfect for a fun photo session. You can find plenty of interesting places to shoot by searching online.