Green superfoods consist mainly of "live foods". Live foods are mostly unprocessed, natural, and healthy foods that contain much higher proportions of live enzymes and vitamins.

In its purest sense, the best live foods are organic, raw vegetables and fruits that are not cooked or artificially processed. Your natural enzymes are not "killed". Their natural physical composition is also not altered. If you want to buy super green online, then you can visit


Nutrients are part of your body's mechanisms, which derive vitality from the photosynthetic activity of plants and use them. Plants, especially those considered green superfoods, nourish your body in such a way that it can get energy from the sun and nutrients from the earth as efficiently as possible. Any food that is good for your body is related to this process.

Eating a live plant-based diet means eating as many vegetables (especially vegetables) and fruits as possible in their raw, unripe, natural state. This is the time when their nutritional value has the greatest value to your body.

So what are these green superfoods… especially those that offer the highest nutrient density per calorie? These include sprouts (all types), spinach, broccoli, kale, Swiss chard, and lettuce. Other leafy greens, such as green beans and peas, may be added for additional phytochemicals and vitamins.