Good-looking book covers invite readers to hold the books and see what is in them. They catch people's attention, arouse interest, increase desire, and encourage buying.

Readers are always in the search for something unique and worth reading. To inform them that your book is right for their mood and need, you should make sure your book has a great overlay design. If you want to get information about book covers then you can visit

 As a marketing tool, a book cover will portray the tone and genre of the book accurately. More importantly, it will boost sales and will make you popular.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you start designing your book overlay:

Exceptional Designs Always Win:

People will always judge the book by its cover and you can't deny this fact. The cover depicts the quality of a book and without a good design, nobody will buy it.

If you don't believe this, list the books that have won The Booker Prize and you will see covers with exceptional designs.

According to the Story:

Illogical book covers lead to failure. If you decorate the book overlay with frivolous images having no link to the story, it will be graphical suicide.

An informative overlay is good, but being too predictable will kill the thrill of reading.