Due to the continuous changing weather and climate, the weather has changed so much that it is difficult to endure this hot summer without the aid of a decent air conditioner. But, if you do not conduct proper investigation, you might be tempted to buy an air conditioner that could increase your monthly electric cost. 

There are a variety of methods to ensure you buy the right air conditioner that meets your requirements. You can find the best split system air cooler in Melbourne via Online.

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Rate of Energy Efficiency:

A quality split systems AC will have the EER as well as Energy Efficiency Ratio on its label. The EER indicates its efficiency. AC is in its energy use. It is determined by the amount of energy removed , and power used .

Noise Reduction Capacity:

In the majority of window air conditioners they have the AC system as well as the compressor are located in the same room. Therefore, you can hear an enormous amount of sound when the conditioning is operating. But, as the compressor is located outside the room, in split-system air conditioners, then the whole process is relatively quiet.

Automatic Cleaning Mechanism

The auto-cleaning system also ensures that your AC does not develop mold or fungus while it isn't in use. If this is not in place, when you use your air conditioner after a certain period of time, it could create an unpleasant odor to the room.