It is known by various names, such as "digital fax", "email fax", "virtual fax" – the Internet is now an essential part of American personal and business communication. It is an individual phone number that converts incoming mail into digital copies which can be then viewed online and utilize the Internet instead of a traditional phone line, to send messages via fax.

There are numerous advantages of having an Internet Fax account. Most obvious is the capability to connect two types of communication – the digital version such as email and physical facsimile – in one seamless. The Internet facsimile service can reduce costs. You can also find affordable internet fax services in Canada via

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In contrast to the cost for a dedicated fax line instead, the Internet cost of a fax account is considerably lower and makes use of the current Internet connection to transmit a fax. Because the Internet accounts convert the faxes to digital copies that can be viewed using your computer, there is no need to buy an additional device for faxing, purchase additional paper, or even take "junk" faxes. 

In reality, with inbound faxes being converted to digital format, attachments can be saved as digital files, altered using programs for computers, or be easily integrated into other electronic documents.

Furthermore, the majority of services will keep faxes for as long as 30 days, although some of the more costly services will store faxes for two years or more.