The first visit is an important component of your assessment of the physician. What should the visit look like? Here is a list of questions to help you assess the first visit. These questions will help you determine whether or not these are the best doctors in Charlotte NC to whom you want to entrust your care.

1. Do you have a positive first impression when you walk in the door of the doctor's office?

Does everything about the office and the people in it convey professionalism, compassion, knowledge, intelligence, and commitment to your well being? Are the members of the staff organized? Are you treated as a person or just another unit in the long line of things that have to be dealt with today?

2. Does a member of the doctor's staff interview you before you enter an examination room to see the doctor?

Does the staff introduce themselves and prepare a comprehensive and accurate list of the problems you want to discuss with your doctor? You must be prepared well for this interview to make a written list of your own problems in preparation for your visit to the doctor's office.

3. Does everyone, including doctors, knock before entering the exam room?

This conveys common courtesy and respect for you and your privacy.

4. Does the doctor introduce himself to you and to anyone you have brought with you?

Whoever you bring with you is important to you. You feel that it is important for them to be there to help make sure you get good care. Introductions and the name is an important part of the process of managing the communications line.