Today's high-end bathroom designs require adequate vanity lighting. You need to ensure that the bathroom lighting is adequate and of high quality. It's the most important part of any bathroom remodel, as vanity lighting is often the first thing that people notice. You should consider the size, finish, bulb type and design style when choosing vanity lighting.

The standard bathroom light fixture, the bath light bar, is available in three, three and four-light versions. You want plenty of light so make sure the fixture you choose is not wider than your vanity/cabinet width. It may also be wider than your mirror. You may consider adding the bestselling bronze vanity light to your bathroom sink.

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Your light's finish should match the fixtures/faucets already in your space. You can choose a shiny look for your fixtures by choosing a polished chrome or sterling finish. Brushed nickel finishes are great with "brushed" bathroom fixtures. Brass hues and antiqued bronze are also making a comeback in lighting and bath fixture design.

Avoid using exposed bulbs in your bathroom. The "Hollywood" vanity strips are extremely old and produce harsh light. A fixture with a frosted/etched cover will produce a flattering light. This is what most vanity lights today have. For a more flattering and even illumination, you can choose light bulbs with frosted or coated glass.

You can use compact fluorescent bulbs to replace standard bulbs in bathrooms. However, it is important that the fluorescent bulb is not exposed as it may look tacky. Because they produce less heat than incandescents, last longer and use less energy, fluorescent lights are great for bathrooms.