A new air conditioning system can cost between two and five thousand dollars. It is one of the most important purchases any homeowner can make. To protect your investment and increase your performance, nothing is more important than annual maintenance by a licensed home air conditioning service technician. 

By making regular annual adjustments, your air conditioner technician can help you identify potential problems before they require costly repairs or replacements. You can get affordable air conditioning services online via https://www.platinumpowerandair.com.au/.

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Here are common service points for an air conditioning service:

1 – When a service technician visits your home, he will carry out a planned preventive maintenance program he will monitor Freon levels and complete, as needed, test and measure the voltage of all electrical components, lubricate the fan motor, clean or replace filters, check and clear any vents or drains, and adjust electrical and mechanical connections. All of this results in a more efficient air conditioning system and much longer service life.

2 – As your unit ages, its components will begin to break down naturally. As the seasons go by, the rubber and plastic parts of your air conditioning unit will expand and shrink with changing temperatures, dry out in the hot sun, and generally degrade. To keep your home and family safe, you should plan for your annual system check. A technician will be able to identify problems before they become so great that they require a complete replacement.

3 – Regular maintenance of your air conditioner can save you money in countless ways. For one thing, it improves the efficiency of your unit, reducing your heating and cooling costs. Protects your home from equipment breakdown and safety hazards. It adds years to the life of your equipment, increasing the return on your investment in the A/C system.