Well, if the roof of your house is made of asphalt tile, there is good news for you. These tiles can be recycled into asphalt, which can be used to build and repair the roads you walk on every day. According to a recent special issue of the Daily Graphic, “road maintenance and mass production of asphalt is believed to have a carbon footprint.

But what if this asphalt does not have to be made new and can be obtained from existing asphalt? This is where your roofer and your old tile can make a real difference. A new initiative called Roofs for Roads is looking at tile recycling. 

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Roofs utilizing this recycling program "significantly reduce their impact on landfills". And this green friendliness is probably more clearly measurable than if you consider that the center roof consists of two to three layers of asphalt.

They can draw their attention to environmental practices that they are not even aware of. But if you choose a roofer after their recycling efforts, buyer beware: Make sure that the cost of transporting the old tile to the recycling center is borne by the roofer and not passed on to you as the customer. 

Since only real tiles and nails can be recycled, additional work is sometimes required from your roofer. We hope that one-day tile recycling will become mandatory. A new form of legislation is now being considered, affecting those seeking a new roof.