Promotional marketing means the same thing as "marketing" to most people, especially those outside the industry. It's as if marketing is nothing more than the competition, parties, and free samples. While these things are part of marketing, advertising marketing is only a small part of the big roof that makes up marketing. Whenever required you can take advantage of promotional marketing services via northcoastprinting.

Promotional Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

Promotional marketing is the idea of promoting your product or service by attracting the attention of potential customers. You can often see these in places like grocery stores. The next time you walk through the grocery store, count how many of these items you see: coupons to try a new brand of cereal or a free sample of a new grocery store.

Car dealers and temporary employment agencies are also big fans of this type of marketing. How many "playing cards" did you get from the local car dealer where you would win a prize if they appeared under a silver scratched disc?

But advertising marketing isn't just about coupons and freebies. Contests are another popular promotion.

The most famous promotional marketing competition is the publisher's clearinghouse lottery, where you can win $1 million or more and subscribe to various magazines. As our kids were crazy, we begged our parents to come with us because we could win a million dollars!