Private money lenders are basically people who are willing to lend money. Cash is classified as "private" because it is not derived from traditional lending institutions such as banks. IIf you have rich relatives who want to use their savings for a profit, you can borrow money from them. 

You may have heard of a private money lender. They are a good source of private funds. In fact, many investors prefer to use this than traditional financing "soft" loans offered by banks and other conventional lenders.

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One thing investors like about them is that they process loans faster. If you apply for a loan from a traditional lender, you must wait at least 30 days. On the other hand, private money lenders just need a few days to approve or reject the application. If you have a good relationship with the lender, you can even get your money in just two days. In case your application is denied, you can immediately find other sources of funding. Processing speed is very important when you are in real estate, where the competition is tough. Other investors can buy the property you want to acquire if you do not get the funds immediately.

Private money lenders know that real estate investors need quick cash that is why they released the loan as soon as possible. They check the borrower's current income, credit score, and other related documents to see if the person has the ability to repay the loan. They also assess the borrower albeit in completely different ways. They use the property as collateral. So if the property is good, you will get the loan.