You can still celebrate the best Oktoberfest parties at home with your family and friends, even though the Oktoberfest has been canceled! This year we have everything from head to toe for the perfect Oktoberfest. 

That's why the Oktoberfest House is also known as the "one-stop-shop for all Oktoberfests". You can also get information about oktoberfest cares via the web.


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What will you need?

Real Dirndl is not expensive, and it is also the most important part of your Bavarian outfit. Typically, a dirndl set includes a blouse, dirndl, and apron. It is possible to spend your entire Oktoberfest budget just on the dirndl itself.

The attention paid to hair during Oktoberfest is a detail that should not be forgotten. However, in reality, nurse crowns or braids can be too complicated and frustrating, especially if your time is limited due to a large German party.

One simple solution is to do a quick update and pair your Bavarian-inspired dress with a bouquet of pretty summer edelweiss or poppies. It will beautify your hair and add an instant Bavarian virgin look and mood to Oktoberfest!

Do you want your Oktoberfest party to be like what Ursula and Franz talked about in your village? What's an Oktoberfest party without proper German party decorations, Bavarian flags, hanging decorations, and consumables? 

Find all the German and Oktoberfest party decorations and accessories you need for an authentic party experience here and make your party truly stunning.

From Oktoberfest paper plates, toothpicks, cups, napkins to tablecloths, we have everything to make your Oktoberfest party the best in your neighborhood!