Companies using non-destructive leak testing methods, such as machines using vacuum and lasers or camera and vacuum imaging, can save all non-leaking blister packs and put them back on the blister packaging line instead of throwing them away . These methods can even save you money when packages leak.

In some of the high-tech non-destructive package leak testing machines, even if a fault is discovered, the product inside may still be intact because it has not been contaminated by liquid. Therefore, this product can be DE blistered and returned to the blister line for repackaging.

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Multiply these savings by the number of blister lines you run and you can quickly see how you could revolutionize blister packaging in your business.

You can reduce your rework costs by testing every 2 minutes. Therefore, if a leak is discovered, it is highly possible that all the ampoules that were packaged during the 15 minute period since the last test could also be defective. 

The entire 15 minute production batch has to be reworked. This in itself can be very expensive, if you are not using an automatic DE blister machine that empties the tablets from the blisters at a significantly faster rate. With state-of-the-art laser-based testing machines, you can run tests every 2 minutes. So even if there is a rejection, the amount of rework is much less.

Non-destructive methods can often be validated, so the results obtained are objective and no specialized skills are required to operate or interoperate. Also, since these non-destructive machines are clean and dry, they can be placed at the end of the lines, so there is no need to move packages away from individual blister lines.