Tourists who visit Egypt must not miss the Pyramids of Giza, which are historic site that is worth visiting. This monument is one of the most famous in the world, and it is also the most significant landmark in Egyptian history. You can also contact us if you are interested to explore classic Egypt tours.

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The entire complex was built more than 4,000 years ago. Scientists and architects have been amazed by the Grand Pyramid of Cheops' impressive structure and precise measurements since its construction. Researchers are still unable to understand how ancient Egyptians managed to construct such a massive structure in the 25th Century BC with such exact dimensions.

The monastery of Saint Catherine is another historical landmark that tourists should not miss when they visit Egypt. This is in addition to climbing Mount Sinai. It is the oldest operating monastery in the world. Its prominent location at the base of Sinai's highest mountain, its architectural elements, and historical significance make it a monument that must not be missed.

The Black Desert, the White Desert, and Crystal Mountains are great places to go if you're looking for a more adventurous holiday in Egypt. Its bizarrely colored chalk white color and magical atmosphere are quite striking.

The Red Sea is a must-see for Egypt travelers who love to swim, snorkel, and dive. Holidayers of all ages will enjoy the stunning beaches and resorts of Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab, Nubia, and Marsa Allam. You can also explore the Red Sea's most spectacular coral reefs and fish.

The magnificent temple of Abu Simble is another Pharaonic monument you can visit during your Egypt holiday. It is one of the greatest achievements of the Pharaohs. Its enormous structure, huge facade, decorations, and historical significance make it an amazing journey through architecture and history.