You might be wondering how many types of seal materials exist. Like other things, seals are made to perform special functions. They can be used to provide closure, connecting two things or holding something.

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Seal is used and applied in different materials. Furthermore, it is believed that seal efficiency depends on the ingredients. Here is how these various seals are made and what materials are used to develop it:

Plastic O Rings – This is one of two mechanical seals available in the market. They are the most common type of seal and also called packaging or torus joints because of its shape. They are also frequently used to load fluids.

Gasket seal– This type of seal is best to stop leakage. It provides efficient seals between joints and connections of pipes and tubes. It also functions in a mechanical way, thus, requires a special tool to apply it.

Lip seal or radial shaft seal: It is used for rotary tools and components. Some of their examples include hydraulic pumps, steering wheels. Through the application of the lip seal, these parts and tools can be used longer and perform better.

Of course, there are still other seals used and produced throughout the world. Some of them use this type of seal materials while others can use something else.