One of the biggest changes in home garages in the last decade or two is the spread of concrete floors. Until very recently, the only place where you could see the floor or paint was a workshop or industrial setting.

Now many homeowners are also aware of the benefits of some protection for their concrete garage floors, as well as the security benefits offered to prevent slipping and falling. You can easily buy epoxy resin online from various sources.

Installation of an epoxy floor is very easy, but you definitely need to take the time to thoroughly clean the existing concrete surface. Start with the dishwasher and clean the dirt you can. Then clean the surface with detergent and water.

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Using a broom to push is very good for this step because you can put a lot of downward pressure when rubbing. Finally, use a cleaning agent to remove oil stains or other oil stains. If not, epoxy will most likely increase in a few months.

When the floor is completely clean, use propane or electric space heaters at night to dry it. Of course, be careful with fire and do not bring the source of fire close to flammable objects.

The best way to make sure you have everything you need for resin floors is to buy materials in a set. This kit is available at most hardware stores, and you can also do great online shopping.

The kit shows how many square meters or meters will be covered, but your actual coverage is usually a little lacking. For this reason, make sure you have one or two extra sets on hand because the cover doesn't leak and you have to go to the store while half the floor is recovering.