Height safety equipment

Two types of Height Safety Equipment are usually used together: personal fall arrest (e.g. nets) and general height safety (e.g. nets). Rescue gears  used to stop someone from falling are called fall arrest.

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Fall arrest systems will often include a full-body harness with connecting devices between the harness, anchorage point, and harness. The full-body harness distributes the impact of a fall throughout the body, keeping the worker upright.

Personal fall arrest components, such as harnesses or lanyards, should be checked for mildew, wear, and any other imperfections before use.

Fall restraint

Equipment that can be used to prevent falls from occurring is called fall restraint. There are many types of height safety equipment that can be used to prevent injuries while working at heights. In Texas, the most common piece of equipment is a fall restraint. This includes a full-body safety harness, which is worn over the top of the clothing, and then tied to an anchor point with a lanyard or connector, such as a Karabiner.

The length of the lanyard is used to prevent the user from falling on the edge of the structure they are working from. In Texas, these systems can be restrictive (unless they have an adjustable one), but they greatly reduce the risk of falling if they are properly used and given the correct training.