Grading a subdivision lot with lawn breaks and side swales could be a battle. The concerns are numerous: Why are your pads the maximum point? Have you got enough slope to direct water away from your buildings? Perhaps you have added high points around septic areas?

These tasks can look daunting when you are going in Civil 3D. You can get the services of grading plan whenever needed.

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We have watched people fight with grading objects, direct exterior edits, as well as third-organization grading add-ins to try to take care of lot grading. Among the most common procedures in the civil/site, the design system can, ironically, become among the toughest and time-consuming.

The fantastic thing is that it does not have to be like that. Lot grading can be completed in only a couple of minutes, with excellent precision, and without needing expensive add-ins or learning new applications.

In this guide, we are going to take you through a complete lot grading condition using one easy Civil 3D tool — that you probably already know how to use! You simply need to apply a little bit of imagination for it to deal with all of your lot grading needs.

What application will we be using? The easy Feature Line tool. That's right, we are going to use nothing but Feature Lines to deal with a good deal of grading processes.

So, let us start with a simple lot design in 2D, such as the one pictured below. Each of the linework is completed with polylines, without elevations (well, technically"0" is an altitude, but you get what I am saying).