If you've opted to install a tankless water heater in your home or apartment, you already know the benefits of these energy-efficient instantaneous water heating systems. Besides saving you up to 50 percent on your energy bill, tankless water heaters last about twice as long as the more traditional models if you take care of them and perform proper maintenance. You can get more information about tankless water heater maintenance via http://stuartplumbing.ca/tankless-water-heater-services-surrey.

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There are just two things you need to periodically do to adequately care for and maintain your tankless water heater:

1.)Check the filter for debris every six months to one year. Checking the filter on your tankless water heater is easy. Begin by simply turning off your water, and then locate your filter. You'll need to unscrew the plug- don't worry if a little leftover water drains out- then check the filter for debris, wipe it clean, and put it back. 

2.)Perform a flush every six months to two years. Periodically flushing your tankless water heating unit keeps it free of any damaging mineral build-up. While the cleaning agent used for flushing tankless water heaters is simply a white vinegar solution.

What To Expect From Professional Maintenance Service

If you call in a professional tankless water heater maintenance technician, they'll perform both a filter check-and-clean and a system flush. 

While checking and cleaning the filter will take only a few minutes, the length of time it takes to perform a system flush on your tankless water heater will depend on the quality (hardness/softness) of your water, and how long it's been since your last maintenance flush.