If done right, installing your own lawn sprinkler system could be very rewarding. It is simply moving water through a pipe to get from A to B. It’s not difficult. You have to consider the layout, the backflow prevention, the valves, their placement in the valve box, wiring back to the control panel, and setting up and adjusting sprinkler heads.

Although it sounds complicated, it really is not. It’s just water moving through a pipe from Point A to Point B. You can also contact specialists for the installation of yard sprinklers in Delavan.

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How do you get water flowing through the pipe? To get the best coverage, measure your yard. It is also important to determine where the valve boxes should be placed and which valves will serve which zones.

You can calculate the supplies and sprinkler heads that you require, the number of valves that you need, and an estimate for how much pipe you will need.

Before you dig, make sure that you have all underground utilities located. You can call your local underground utility hotline to have them locate and mark underground power, phone cable, gas, and gas lines for free. You will be responsible if your lines are not located.

There are several ways to dig your pipe into the ground. You can also dig the trenches manually with a shovel or sharpshooter shovel. This will create nice, pipe-sized trenches.

This will require the most time and effort. You can also rent a trencher, which will save you time and effort but will run you more in rental costs. A third option is to rent a trencher which installs the pipe as it moves. This is the fastest and most efficient way to put your pipe in the ground.