More and more householders started to choose quartz worktops over other surface materials. The truth is that quartz worktops can boast a wide range of aesthetic finishes, being renowned for their durability and beauty. This modern type of engineered stone surfacing combines both the robustness and attractiveness of stone with the features and benefits that modern technology can offer.

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Quartz in Kitchen

A Unique Technology

The technology that combines various types of quartz includes a resin binder, various quartz minerals, and several other additives. The outcome is usually a fabulous quartz kitchen worktop that will make your kitchen look different from those of your neighbors.

Quartz is a mineral that is found in many places in the world, being one of the most abundant minerals on planet Earth. Quartz is not a stone by itself, but rather an important ingredient of a stone. For example, a very common form of stone that includes quartz is granite. The technological process of creating quartz countertops is very complex and includes many processes.

Choosing the Best

Before selecting the best quartz surface for your kitchen, is it important to find a professional and reputable supplier that offers a wide range of models and styles. There are many colors, treatments, and designs available on market, therefore you should be allowed to choose your favorite.