A gate valve is generally used to completely shut off fluid flow or, in the fully open position, provide full flow in a pipeline. Thus it is used either in the fully closed or fully open positions.

The average valves would last about 25-years, but if the central heating system is well looked after and the hot or cold water has low water deposits in the sense of scale, the valve may last for a longer time.

Moreover, Physically properties of Stainless steel gate valves (which is also known as คุณสมบัติทางกายภาพของวาล์วประตูสแตนเลส in teh Thai language) are higher than globe or ball valves when fully opened, but have a smaller face length. The gate being moved up or down is easy to visually acknowledge as the valves operate with either a rising stem or a non-rising stem.Image Source: Google

They are also often used for shutoff and control applications. Gate valve more likely than ball valves, it can open and close immediately to cause water hammer.

When the valve is fully open, gate valves are full bore, meaning there is nothing to obstruct the flow because the gate and pipeline diameter have the same opening. This bore diameter also determines the valve size.

Gate valves tend to be slightly cheaper than ball valves of the same size and quality. They are slower in actuation than quarter-turn valves and are for applications where valve operation is infrequent, such as isolating valves.

At last, automated gate valves exist with either an electric or pneumatic actuator, but a manual gate valve is cost-effective since they have infrequent usage.