Ultrasound scans are often used to get feedback on various body functions. Sound waves are sent through the probe to various parts of the body. This probe can be external or internal. The echo is sent back to the computer.

Ultrasound scans are often used during pregnancy. You can also visit www.tummyvision.com/3d4dultrasoundprices/ to know more about 38 weeks gender reveal 3D ultrasound packages.


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They can check when the baby was born, for any abnormalities or Down's syndrome, and the position of the placenta. The scan can detect an ectopic pregnancy. 

You can also see a breech birth when the baby is upside down. In this case, the mother requires a cesarean section. Expectant mothers can opt for a private ultrasound scan to get a second opinion.

While ultrasounds are well known for monitoring pregnancy, they can scan almost any part of the body. They can't scan through bones, so they can't be used as brain scans.

Many people suffer from an underactive thyroid. Ultrasound can detect a lump or enlargement of the thyroid gland. Scans can also determine how well the thyroid is functioning. In addition, the scan can monitor how well the esophagus is working.

Muscle pain is often a warning sign. Ultrasound can detect tendon tears in the rotator cuff, soft tissue swelling, bursitis, and impingement.

A heart scan can monitor the opening and closing of the heart valves. They can also determine the timing and speed of blood flow to and from the heart.