Home golf simulator meets the needs of professional golfers. It has been a popular product in the industry.


There are many smaller and more compact home eighteen holes simulator in the market. It can be placed in any location that has ten feet headroom. The display projector can be installed on the floor, so you don't have to run wires through the ceiling. You can have the complete simulation experience with only a small substructure.

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Simulators can save you time and money. You don't have to travel to the course and spend money. A simulator indoors is much more affordable than paying fees to play on a regular course. A package includes a projector, a simulator software and the mats. 

Multifunctionality of use:

The compact design of the Newport allows a simulator to fit in places previously impossible.  This structure can be placed in any room, including your living area, storage space, or workplace. There are many other possibilities, too, because the Newport can be easily transported. 

It can be easily set up in just 20 minutes. It only needs a regular socket to power the projector and computer. You can store it in your storage and then move it to work the next day to entertain potential clients. Although portable simulators are available, they can still be difficult to set up and take several hours.