The Milk Thistle is a tall, spiky plant that thrives in areas with a Mediterranean climate. According to legend, the white milk-like substance that comes out of the leaves is the "milk" of the Virgin Mother. 

It isn't a new treatment. It has been used for liver problems since Roman times. In recent years, however, it was discovered that organic thistle oil could neutralize poisonous carbon tetrachloride. This oil gives great health benefits. You can also buy organic thistle oil at

The liver is protected by Thistle. It does this by first creating a protective shield around it. This protects the liver from harmful invaders and allows for beneficial nutrients to enter.

Second, Thistle oil acts as an antioxidant and a free radical scavenger, which provides additional protection for the liver. Things get a little crazy when oxygen molecules lack an electron.

Lone electrons must find a partner. While they are doing this, they tear through cell walls and do a lot of damage. To stop this destructive process, Milk Thistle gives away an electron.

A process known as conjugation makes Silymarin, or Milk Thistle, a powerful detoxifier. Molecules attach to silymarin. The invasive non-polar compounds that cause toxicity are eliminated by making water-soluble metabolites, which can then be excreted as usual.

Thistle oil is an excellent supplement to help protect your liver. The recommended dosage is 200mg in the morning, and 200mg at night. Although it won't stop the oil spillage in Louisiana, Milk Thistle will protect your body from the toxic overload that is constant exposure.