If you have lash extensions that don't last as long as you were told, this is a good time to read this as here are a few tips that can help you next time.

First, you have lash extensions for some reason, you want a look that's longer, fuller, and better than what you already have. You can also look for lash extension cleaner online to keep your eyelash extensions clean.

You are most likely a person who uses a lot of mascara and also spends a lot of money on things. If you have lash extensions, there is NO need to use mascara!

Second, you should buy a little eye makeup from your lash technician, they will have a little, and on the other hand for a few pounds more on the bill, you need to buy it.

If you've paid a fortune for false lashes, you don't want them to fall out after a week because the makeup remover you use will cause them to fall out.

If you follow all these rules your false lashes will last that long and you will see that you get 60 to 70 pounds for them as long as they last.

The lash extensions can last at the same time as your natural lashes, which you should do if applied properly by a good lash technician. You have to hold your natural life in the lashes and fall out with them.