Flowers are a popular way to decorate a garden. There are many places where they look good and decorate the yard. You can easily close the front entrance. Protection is important when you have flowers in your garden and this can be achieved with a good quality garden fence.

You can get double protection with a garden bound in Canada by using it in your garden devoted to your vegetables and for your flowers that you don't want to fill. 

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No part of your yard needs a giant fence for your yard. You are just looking for a deterrent to protect your flowers. If someone stepped on them, they would crumble as well as be damaged, which would make your flowers look bad. Having a fence to protect them is not going to happen to your flowers.

People can see the fence and this will prevent them from stepping on your plants even if you use a small fence. Even if it is not easy to see, the fence is felt so that the flowers are avoided and not crushed. If you have plants near the sidewalk, this will protect them from injury.

For an older look, you can pick up a black iron fence. This material comes in a variety of colors to suit any home or garden. You can choose from very decorative styles to simpler ones. Only your imagination will limit the choice of this type of fence.