Plastic straws are made from hazardous chemicals known to increase risk of cancer, hyperactivity in children and reproductive disorders. And as you are not likely to acquire harmful levels of vulnerability from occasional plastic sheeting usage.

These substances are leaching into our land and water, exposing us to an ever-increasing amount of toxins. So what can one man do about this kind of large issue? Switching to eco friendly straw is a great option. You can navigate to this site to get the best information about eco friendly straws.

glass straws

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Believe it or not, only a single individual making the change from plastic straws to eco friendly straws can maintain a mean of 600 plastic straws from the surroundings each year.  Glass straws are a good alternative to plastic straws.

That means one particular household of 4 shifting to glass straws has the capability to maintain 144,000 straws from around Earth. And that is significant.

Now imagine you persuade the other individual to change to glass straws, and yet another. Now we are talking about a massive potential to do great. Just by creating one easy option to change to glass straws.

Here are  good reasons to make the change to eco friendly glass straws:

  • They reduce pollution and waste
  • They keep our oceans clean and Conserve wildlife
  • They lessen your family's exposure to toxic substances
  • They educate children about environmental conservation
  • Unlike vinyl, glass straws may be used in hot beverages
  • Your purchase helps encourage recycling and sustainable living projects all over the world
  • They shield sensitive teeth
  • They protect teeth from cavities and stains
  • Drinks really taste a lot better