Earthquakes are not covered by homeowners insurance, so in the event that you are staying in a place prone to seismic action, it can be well worth purchasing earthquake insurance to secure your house and personal belongings from quake harm.

Earthquake insurance is vital if you live close to an active fault. You also need to know that the price of losing your house into a quake and not getting insurance is much higher than the cost of earthquake insurance itself. To get more information about condo earthquake insurance visit

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You can expect a regular earthquake coverage to cover:

Private property

With particular sub limits for specific sorts of valuables, such as jewelry, electronic equipment, furs, and collectibles.

Added living expenses

Better known in house insurance as loss-of-use coverage– this part of your policy insures your extra living expenses for the shortest period reasonably necessary, based on some California Earthquake Authority coverage . If you rent your house out to other people and it is damaged, you could also be compensated for lost rental income.

Additional policies

Earthquake insurance also covers the following:

  • Emergency fixes to protect your home from residual intrusion damage as well as tremors
  • Construction code updates
  • Property repair that is essential for stabilizing or encouraging your house
  • Energy efficacy and security replacement updates to damaged land (meaning if you incur a loss, you'll be reimbursed the replacement price of energy-efficient home updates to a specific limitation ).