When it comes to saving lives, proper emergency training is essential. With heart attacks and strokes, the first few minutes affect survival. Performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, also known as CPR, can save the victim's life.

It is important that everyone receives CPR training in case of an emergency. You may also get best CPR training in Kent via dandksolutions.co.uk.

Sudden heart attack can happen to anyone. A sudden heart attack begins when a signal to the heart fails and the heart stops beating.

 If the victim is given CPR immediately after a heart attack, the survival rate can be tripled. In this case, the observer performs CPR. Unfortunately, less than a third of heart attack victims don't get any CPR.

For home safety, everyone, including children, must be trained at the checkpoints. Nine year olds can learn how to do RPR because RPR has no age limit. CPR is based on a person's strengths, not their age.

Many different associations offer cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification courses. There are also several types of classes, some of which only specialize in CPR for adults and children, as well as large classes that include CPR for adults, children, CPR, and general first aid care.

There are even online certification courses that are easier to fit into a busy schedule. Some communities even offer free PPC training courses.

Everyone who works in the health care sector, teachers, kindergarten staff, and many other occupations must be certified CPR.