Both commercial and residential buildings need a strong concrete foundation to withstand the loads and stresses of extreme season-to-season temperature changes, as well as humidity which sometimes falls into crevices and then expands as temperatures freeze. 

However, check my reference for a company that knows how to build a good and sturdy foundation is needed to ensure that the foundation will last and provide the stability that a commercial or residential building needs.

Many construction companies build and repair concrete foundations. Some of these companies specialize in residential buildings, some in commercial foundations, and others in both. The basic work includes leveling, removing cracks, and crevices.

There are different types of concrete foundations. The crawl space consists of the foundation walls and the casting foundation. Walls help protect the floors and walls of the building and protect the foundation during a storm. 

If the foundation is cracked, it could mean the building is built on foldable sand or extensive clay soil. When either of these conditions is combined with poor drainage or extreme humidity, or both, the structure becomes unstable. 

Loose soil can cause settlement and movement of foundations. Buildings or houses without gutters or insufficient rainwater catchment to the foundation are at great risk of damaging the foundation.