The lumbar spine, or the part of the spine that makes up the small of the back, is particularly vulnerable to injury and trauma. Millions of people take time from work because of lower back pain.

Often, the problem can be resolved after a few days of rest. In other cases, the patient may need to take painkillers, have physical therapy, or, in the most severe cases, undergo lumbar spine surgery from a renowned spine care station of Hawaii.

Unfortunately, the types of injuries the lumbar spine is subject to are numerous. They include ruptured disks, fractures caused by falls, or other accidents or illnesses like osteoporosis or arthritis.

Injuries to the lumbar spine can also be caused because the person picked up an object that was too heavy or picked it up the wrong way or twisted their back unexpectedly.

Many injuries occur from simple overuse, and many doctors never find the real cause of their patients' back pain.

The disks that cushion the spaces between the vertebrae can be made to bulge by bending over and lifting a heavy object. The disk bulges between the vertebrae and presses on the nerves in the spinal canal, causing pain.

This is often sciatic pain, which shoots down through the buttocks, down the back of one leg, and into the foot. Other signs of a ruptured disk can include muscle spasms.

A person who has an injury to the lumbar spine because of an accident needs to be moved with great care, and ideally not be moved until medical help arrives. This is because lay persons probably can't assess how much damage the spine has sustained and moving the patient makes any damage worse.