We're hearing lots about how we can take action to improve our environment and end climate change. Gardening is among the options that do not get talked about frequently, however, there are some steps that can be taken to in making a change.

Do not use chemicals when weeding by hand. Chemical pesticides may be harmful to wildlife. Hand-weeding is a relaxing and excellent way to exercise. If you're feeling the need to use pesticides, make sure you use a biological pesticide (also called biopesticide) that is made from natural substances. Make use of a rain barrel planter.

water butt planter

This can help you avoid the process of wasting water using rainwater stored in the water-butt. Water from rain can then be used for irrigation of plants, and will not have been chemically treated by the water company, as tap water does.

Make use of hand tools instead of petrol or electric powered ones. This can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. Most tools today are ergonomically designed with comfort in mind, which allows you to work for longer.

Inviting wildlife into your backyard – many insects and birds are losing their habitats to make room for new structures. Make sure you are accommodating them by putting up the bird table, water feature, as well as a broad selection of native plants.