The most persuasive argument for why the career paths in design and interior design should stay attached is really a simple one: it is not possible to separate the plan of a structure in the design of its inside. The inside evolves directly in the conceptual and formal ideas of this construction, and the construction is (or must be) directly affected by programmatic and individual behavioral limitations of the inside. You can learn more about commercial interior design for you.


In concept, architects and interior designers are highly educated professionals with a comprehensive understanding of architectural fundamentals. Historically speaking, both of these groups study different areas. Architecture is a highly regulated area. Above all, architects should design houses that are safe for the occupants. 

Interior Designer: What You Need to Know Before Becoming-Arch2O

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Generally, architects:

  • Layout the entire construction of a house (it's outside and interior construction).
  • Include plumbing and electrical requirements in each design.
  • Concentrate on the House's exterior design components, along with its interior design, trim, millwork, and ceiling finishes.
  • In certain instances, Choose the tile, floors, and lighting (fittings and positioning).

Generally, interior designers:

  • Layout the look/style of a house's interiors (typically all chambers )
  • Contain a lighting strategy for every room
  • Layout backsplashes, Pick all tile, floors, and lighting (fittings and positioning )