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To differentiate between a boat and a ship, the size is probably the first thing that may come to our mind. Although this is the right answer, there are several other factors when it comes to differentiating between the boat and the ship. Here are additional differences between the boat and ship.

  1. Size – The size is already a factor that defines the difference between a boat and a ship. But there’s more to it. A boat being smaller in size is mainly known for leisure purposes where you have your friends and family members tagging along. On the other hand, the ship is known to transport not only people but also huge vessels locally and internationally.
  2. Design and Construction – For a boat, it is easy to design and construct. But this isn’t the case for the ship since it is a complicated process to design and construct.
  3. Area of Operation – Since a boat is small in size, it is known to run on streams, rivers and shores mostly locally. On the other hand, the ship is known to run locally and internationally crossing water borders.
  4. People Required for Operation – For a boat to operate, 2 people are enough. But for a ship, there are more people required to operate. For instance; you have crew members, captains, engineers and more required to operate the ship.

These are some of the differences to distinguish between a boat and a ship. If you’re interested to learn more about a boat, then get in touch with Australian-made aluminium boats.