Video game chairs excite the gaming experience. Children and teenagers love them, because the seat is connected to a new dimension of virtual reality. If you are considering buying a seat for your child, there are some tips you need to know to help you through the process unless of course, you are an enthusiastic game lover yourself.

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Also called a booming bag, electropods and other names, the kids went crazy over this seat. They are spacious, comfortable and cozy. An open bag design allows plenty of freedom of movement.

Depending on your child's mood at the time, very easy to both relax, sinking down and relax or go wild playing, romping and bounced to the game more intense. Some styles also come with a contoured seat for the support back again.

This is another favorite, because we know how many children like to rock and roll. This chair has a contoured base that allows rotation rocking motion without tipping over. Rockers have a sleek design that sits slightly higher than the ground and takes up less space than bags.

If you are a real tight for space, some even fold it in half for easy storage and transportation. Some designs offer built-in port to plug in a headset to your own child, in which case you may even opt for the built-in speaker.