Place Social Distancing Stickers in high-traffic areas, such as stores and businesses, to remind people about maintaining social distancing after the recent pandemic. Every person can make a difference by making a small contribution to the reduction of sick people in your area. 

Encourage social distancing by using personalized social distancing floor stickers that include important messages to remind people of their responsibilities. The spread of the virus can be slowed only if everyone is willing to work together towards maintaining social distance.

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With the help of awareness, it is possible to increase social distance in various places, such as neighborhoods, pharmacies, and shopping malls. You can include messages such as maintaining a social distance of at least 6 feet, standing away from others, protecting yourself by not touching the wall and protecting yourself.

Stickers made of vinyl will be placed around restrooms, meeting rooms, kitchens, canteens, and washrooms to maintain a straight line. These sturdy stickers are made from vinyl material with removable adhesive and polyester reinforcement. They will be visible for many years. 

These colorful floors and wall stickers are more eye-catching than posters and message boards. Because they are bright and visible, custom bumper stickers can be seen from a distance. Sell personalized stickers to support local charities and raise funds for food and care packages to shelters, old homes, care units, and orphanages. The custom logo stickers can inspire positive habits and a healthy lifestyle.