For guys, the men's underwear are vital for several reasons and in men's underwear, there are various kinds of styles. A Men's short is of this kind where the men's swimwear and underwear are tight and short. 

Men's boxer briefs are known among the athletes in which they don't require any loose-fitting underwear. The men's boxer briefs offer comfort to the athletes at a relatively fixed place. In recent year's men's boxer briefs have gotten popular. For more information about comfortablemens underwear you can visit 

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Pouch boxer briefs have a pouch for the genitals rather than a fly. Men's boxer briefs are similar in design to boxer shorts but are usually briefer and form-fitting like briefs.

Men's boxer briefs have an elasticized waistband close to the wearer's waist, while the leg segments are rather loose and stretch into the mid-thigh. The waistbands of boxer shorts are often wider than briefs. Boxer shorts with vibrant patterns, images of cartoon characters, sports team trademarks and logos are easily obtainable. Boxer shorts can be found in white and solid colors such as pastels, and come in many different prints and patterns too.

Board shorts are a sort of men's swimwear plus it was initially designed for aquatic sports and today it's a favorite kind of swimwear. Board shorts are intended to be quick-drying and are usually made from smooth nylon or polyester material. 

They are durable and hold up to wear out of contact with a surfboard, nevertheless, they are lightweight and comfortable.